The Saracen Joust is one of the oldest and most vivid traditions of the city. Celebrated since the 16th century and now at its 129th edition, the tournement has kept its social and aggregational role within the city. It’s no longer a military training, but it still is one of the main identity elements for all of us. The city is divided into four zones (each represented by one of the old gates) , competing against one another: two knights  for each gate gallop their horses with a lance in rest against the Saracen, an armor-plated dummy representing a Saracen holding a cat-o’-nine-tails in his hand (“Buratto, King of the Indies”). The gate scoring the highest score wins the competition and is awarded a gold lance.
More importantly, they gain the chance of bragging with friends belonging to the other gates for the rest of the year! The folklore behind the Joust is just as charming as the tournement itself, and visiting Arezzo in the days leading to the joust is the best time of the year. The parades, the bishop blessing the horses, the flag wavers doing their superb show, knights and ladies walking in their amazing dresses. If you walk around town in those days you’ll feel like you are living in a different age.
There’s no better time of the year to visit Arezzo, and we give you another good reason: with two nights at our hotel, the third one is half-price.
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